$99.00 USD

Brand Art Workshop 3: Production 101

Learn to art direct brand photography and do simple post-production color correction and retouching for your site and campaigns.

Free Shot List and Call Sheet templates, color correction presets, retouching toolkit, and production workbook.

• Make your brand assets look super pro with about 5 easy tricks
• STOP WASTING MONEY when outsourcing by not knowing simple terms of professional brand asset lingo
• Templates to help you decide your shot list so you don't waste a dime on your photo shoot (big brands live and die by the shot list)
• WTF is a PDP, PLP and what kind of photography do I need for them to max out revenue? 
• ALL the insider resources for video, photo, graphics, icons, illustrations, and other brand assets
• Retouching tips and tools for high end photo retouching (it's WAY easier than you think)
• Demystifying photo shoot production and how to run a set so you are in control
• Templates for call sheet, shot list, creative brief, and everything your professionals will need
• 5 mistakes that all new art directors make and how to not make them
• How to hire talent and models and professionals and templates for contacting each
• All the legal stuff 6 figure companies use on every shoot
• Industry secrets to post-production: the tools we use for photo and video editing (that makes it so easy to do over and over and save time and MAINTAIN CONSISTENCY)