$99.00 USD

Brand Art Workshop 4: Marketing 101

Learn the basics of digital marketing, customer journey mapping, and what you’ll need to design weekly to max out revenue. Learn how to build your website and email marketing series.

Free Creative Brief template, Email Newsletter template, and Content Calendar template.

• Trading up your "when I have time" marketing cycle to the one the 7 figure companies use
• Map your customer journey for precise targeting (i.e. don't waste your ad money)
• Email newsletters: the MONEYMAKERS people don't talk about enough
• WTF is a Welcome Series and Interest Flow and what do you mean they can make me 6 figures quickly
• The services 7 figure businesses use for email marketing and how to use them
• Demystifying SEO and SEM
• Keywords and how to use them to build traffic to your site
• Productivity system of high-earning corporate executives and 7 figure companies
• Building your website to optimize your content for sell-through
• UX and UI explained, plus tips on how to make people NOT leave your site
• How to build your site (outsource, no outsource?)
• Attract customers without expensive flashy branding
• Templates for marketing content calendar and marketing plans
• Template to help you instantly organize your ideas for a campaign to increase revenue 10x
• How to overcome your fear of any of these and make your marketing run like clockwork!