$99.00 USD

Brand Art Workshop 1: Brand 101

Develop your visual identity elements, brand positioning, brand pillars, colors, typography, and lock in your Brand Identity and Guidelines.

Free Brand Guidelines template and workbook in both Canva and Figma, in three sizes, and brand workbook.

• The madman to judge pipeline
• Chaos into order with multimillion dollar company brand structure
• Evolve your system to 7 figure company brand architecture
• Exact steps to rid yourself of overwhelm and spinning
• Brand workbook to solve these roadblocks in ONE WEEK
• The quick way to build identity and strategy
• The 1 hour exercise to copy billion dollar brands
• Mission statements and brand pillars that change the world
• Identifying the revenue drivers $$$
• Positioning yourself in the SWEET SPOT
• All the brand guidelines templates you need
• Building a logo that will never look old
• Quickly developing a brand asset suite for every need
• How to overcome font paralysis
• Evolve from a boring brand to an elegant powerhouse statement that everyone wants
• Secrets to color palettes that SELL
• Don Draper your brand comms for quick understanding
• Learn the visual tricks big brands sneak into photos to make you BUY
• Traps to avoid when building your brand voice