$249.00 USD

Brand Art Workshop (FULL All 4 Parts): Brand, Design, Production, Marketing

If you are a beginner at graphic design and digital art (photo / video), this is the course for you. All 4 parts in one workshop!

Brand 101:
Develop your visual identity elements, brand positioning, brand pillars, colors, typography, and lock in your Brand Identity and Guidelines.

Free Brand Guidelines template and workbook in both Canva and Figma, in three sizes, and brand workbook.

• The madman to judge pipeline
• Chaos into order with multimillion dollar company brand structure
• Evolve your system to 7 figure company brand architecture
• Exact steps to rid yourself of overwhelm and spinning
• Brand workbook to solve these roadblocks in ONE WEEK
• The quick way to build identity and strategy
• The 1 hour exercise to copy billion dollar brands
• Mission statements and brand pillars that change the world
• Identifying the revenue drivers $$$
• Positioning yourself in the SWEET SPOT
• All the brand guidelines templates you need
• Building a logo that will never look old
• Quickly developing a brand asset suite for every need
• How to overcome font paralysis
• Evolve from a boring brand to an elegant powerhouse statement that everyone wants
• Secrets to color palettes that SELL
• Don Draper your brand comms for quick understanding
• Learn the visual tricks big brands sneak into photos to make you BUY
• Traps to avoid when building your brand voice


Design 101:
Learn to create design templates in Canva and Figma and design your own assets quickly and elegantly.

Free Campaign Brief template, and Brand templates for all digital channels (in Canva and Figma) and design workbook.

• The 5 step checklist for every single design
• Demystifying the fundamentals of big brand design
• Secrets to systematize and used already created templates for free
• Templates provided for all types of digital marketing assets
• All in the insider tricks to finding and evaluating competitor's assets quickly
• Secrets to making yours look high end and high revenue performers
• Anatomy of a marketing asset to determine your elements, forever, so you don't have to decide every time
• Creative briefs, how to get organized and launch a 6 figure campaign
• Canva and Figma made easy 
• Setting up Brand Kits so your life is 100x easier and everything is consistent from now on
• How to use templates to spread the same content across all platforms quickly 
• Use other people's free work to make your life easy!!
• A precise system of template prototypes -- and how that will save you years of your life and zillions of dollars
• When and how to outsource design work
• Design quickly, simply, clearly -- more assets more $$$


Production 101:
Learn to art direct brand photography and do simple post-production color correction and retouching for your site and campaigns.

Free Shot List and Call Sheet templates, color correction presets, retouching toolkit, and production workbook.

• Make your brand assets look super pro with about 5 easy tricks
• STOP WASTING MONEY when outsourcing by not knowing simple terms of professional brand asset lingo
• Templates to help you decide your shot list so you don't waste a dime on your photo shoot (big brands live and die by the shot list)
• WTF is a PDP, PLP and what kind of photography do I need for them to max out revenue? 
• ALL the insider resources for video, photo, graphics, icons, illustrations, and other brand assets
• Retouching tips and tools for high end photo retouching (it's WAY easier than you think)
• Demystifying photo shoot production and how to run a set so you are in control
• Templates for call sheet, shot list, creative brief, and everything your professionals will need
• 5 mistakes that all new art directors make and how to not make them
• How to hire talent and models and professionals and templates for contacting each
• All the legal stuff 6 figure companies use on every shoot
• Industry secrets to post-production: the tools we use for photo and video editing (that makes it so easy to do over and over and save time and MAINTAIN CONSISTENCY)


Marketing 101:
Learn the basics of digital marketing, customer journey mapping, and what you’ll need to design weekly to max out revenue. Learn how to build your website and email marketing series.

Free Creative Brief template, Email Newsletter template, and Content Calendar template.

• Trading up your "when I have time" marketing cycle to the one the 7 figure companies use
• Map your customer journey for precise targeting (i.e. don't waste your ad money)
• Email newsletters: the MONEYMAKERS people don't talk about enough
• WTF is a Welcome Series and Interest Flow and what do you mean they can make me 6 figures quickly
• The services 7 figure businesses use for email marketing and how to use them
• Demystifying SEO and SEM
• Keywords and how to use them to build traffic to your site
• Productivity system of high-earning corporate executives and 7 figure companies
• Building your website to optimize your content for sell-through
• UX and UI explained, plus tips on how to make people NOT leave your site
• How to build your site (outsource, no outsource?)
• Attract customers without expensive flashy branding
• Templates for marketing content calendar and marketing plans
• Template to help you instantly organize your ideas for a campaign to increase revenue 10x
• How to overcome your fear of any of these and make your marketing run like clockwork!