$99.00 USD or more

Brand Art Workshop 2: Design 101

Learn to create design templates in Canva and Figma and design your own assets quickly and elegantly.

Free Campaign Brief template, and Brand templates for all digital channels (in Canva and Figma) and design workbook.

• The 5 step checklist for every single design
• Demystifying the fundamentals of big brand design
• Secrets to systematize and used already created templates for free
• Templates provided for all types of digital marketing assets
• All in the insider tricks to finding and evaluating competitor's assets quickly
• Secrets to making yours look high end and high revenue performers
• Anatomy of a marketing asset to determine your elements, forever, so you don't have to decide every time
• Creative briefs, how to get organized and launch a 6 figure campaign
• Canva and Figma made easy 
• Setting up Brand Kits so your life is 100x easier and everything is consistent from now on
• How to use templates to spread the same content across all platforms quickly 
• Use other people's free work to make your life easy!!
• A precise system of template prototypes -- and how that will save you years of your life and zillions of dollars
• When and how to outsource design work
• Design quickly, simply, clearly -- more assets more $$$