For the past two decades, I've worked as a designer for major fashion, jewelry, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands with multi-million dollar revenues. I am deeply familiar with the intricacies of crafting brand assets, and I find great joy in bringing a brand vision to life – it's like performing magic. My personal fulfillment comes from applying the effective strategies I've honed while designing for corporate clients. Now, I'm dedicated to sharing these numerous design techniques with ambitious entrepreneurs and creators to help them realize their visions.



From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a designer. I used to draw paper doll clothes and collage endlessly when I was little. I worked long hours in New York City to put myself through design school and eventually became a corporate clothing designer, traveling the world. 


After a decade, I transitioned to creative direction and graphic design, requiring me to learn new branding and graphic design skills mid-career – a challenging but successful endeavor. I took night classes, while working full time, transforming myself into a graphic designer and creative director.


Trust me, I've been through the struggles of learning new design software, and there might have been a few tears. Initially, design can seem daunting, but with practice, it becomes second nature, and the creative process feels like pure magic!


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